Monday, July 21, 2008

Bee Well; Beetles Be Gone!

What a great weekend in the garden. More squash, zucchini, and cukes. Speaking of cukes, there was such a symphony of buzzing with all the bees doing their due diligence to help pollinate everything. Thankfully, we don't seem to be experiencing the same disappearing act that so many have witnessed with bees. It makes me want to explore bee keeping for the honey and wax (for candles). Anybody have any experience with that?

And what a year for the Japanese beetles! Out of control! They have taken a toll on our pole bean and sunflower leaves. Now they are moving on to the corn and concord grape. In maintaining our organic standards, we will not spray. Rather, it's a great activity for the kids to go around scooping them into a jar of soapy water. They love it!

Oh, by the way -- the Mystery Squashes have been identified. Both are acorn. Beautiful fruit blossoming. What a great surprise, we love them. And there should be plenty to store away for the fall.

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